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Chapter 4 SS Test

conquest, The name of the capital city of the Aztec Empire, Pizarro, Cortes, convert, conquistador, Tenochtitlan is now known as, plantation, West Indies natives were forced to work on , Amerigo Vespucci, encomienda, Bartolome de Las Casas, Columbus sailed West, The Taino, Columbus was from, Columbus claimed the Taino island for,

gave up his encomienda and fought for Indian rights, the capture or taking of something by force, Tenochtitlan, were living on the island that Columbus reached, a Spanish conqueror matching excercise , led the conquistadors to defeated the Aztec, a large farm with workers who live on the land they work, a large piece of land, given to its owners by the king of Spain learning , to find a shorter route to the Indies, discovered that America was not part of China, Mexico City, Italy, conquered the Incan empire, Spain, sugar cane farms, to change,