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Hypothalamic Pathways - Major Functions

Stria terminalis, Medial forebrain bundle, Mammilothalamic tract, Axons of what neurons make up the tuberohypophyseal tract? , Area postrema, Neurohypophysis class website , Dorsal longitudinal fasiculus, Pineal gland, Organum vascularium of the laminar terminalis class page , Median eminence, Supraopticohypophyseal tract, Subfornical organ, Retinohypothalamic tract, Ventral amygdalofugal pathway, Tuberohypophyseal tract, Fornix,

Release of ADH and OXY, Chemical trigger zone; central emetic response, Amygdala to hypothalamus; limbic SHORT PATH, Retina to suprachiasmatic nucleus; relay lighting condition, Neuroendocrine, Hippocampus to mamm bodies; limbic mechanisms in memory, Mammillary bodies to thalamus; limbic mechnisms, Supraoptic and paraventricular to post pit; ADH and OXY secretion, Periventricular (hypo) to periventricular (brain stem); AUTONOMICS, Parvocellular neurons, Water balance, Arcuate, peri, para, MPO to median eminence; RH or IH into portal syst, Release of RH or IH into the hypophyseal portal system, Basal forebrain to hypo to brain stem; appetite, sleep, smell, depression print quizzes , Release of melatonin, Amygdala to hypothalamus; limbic LONG PATH,