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Week 3 - Science_Quiz

You are about to start a very short Science Quiz. You will see a statement at the top; read it carefully (some of them are JOKES). Below the statements there are four different answers (A,B,C,D); choose the correct one and click on it to continue with the following statement.

1. What does the Earth orbit?
The moon, The sun, The Venus planet, The Mars planet
2. What do you call a person who studies dinosaurs?
A soldier dynamic quiz , An explorer, A paleontologist , A neurologist
3. Where can you see dinosaur bones?
At home, At downtown, At the school, At the museum
4. JOKE: Why do they have old dinosaur bones in the museum?
Because they don%27t have money for new ones, Because of an asteroid belt teacher , Because there is long distance, Because they are in sun glasses
5. JOKE: How does the solar system hold up its pants?
With a star, With the sun, With an asteroid belt, With moonstones
6. JOKE: My dog has no nose. How does it smell?
Very good!, Sour! web tool , Delicious!, Terrible!