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Nation States %26 Feudalism

Henry II, Hugh Capet, Fief, Charlemagne, Magna Carta, Fedinand %26 Isabella, King John, Ivan the Great online learning games , William the Conqueror, Black Death, Battle of Tours, Vassal language , Hundred Years%27 War educational games , Feudalism e-learning , Crusades, Joan of Arc,

War between England and France, English Monarch; Signed the Manga Carta, English; Leader of the Norman Conquest; United England, French Peasant Girl who Unified France during the 100 yrs war, The Bubonic Plague which killed thousands in Europe, Spanish Monarchs; Expelled the Moors, Mideival Social system; Provided Protection, War between Christians %26 Muslims to free the Holy Land, Russian Tsar; Defeated the Mongols, King of the Franks; Protector of the Catholic Church, Established the French Throne in Paris, A piece of land given to a vassal, English King; Beginnings of English Common Law , Battle where the Franks defeated the Muslims, Document that limited the king of England%27s power, Any individual who enters into a contract with a superior,