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Possesive Pronouns

-- A Possessive prounouns may be used in place of a possessive noun. Single possessive pronouns: my, your, her, his, its. Plural possessive prounouns: our, your, their

1. Mr. Rey said, %22it%27s time to leave (Mr. Rey%27s) shop.%22 #
Their, invite students , ,
2. the children visited (Mack%27s) friend Mr. Rey. #
his, , ,
3. Nola and Mack built (Nola and Mack%27s) new playhouse. #
his, , ,
4. %27The dog has enough of (the dog%27s) own toys,%22 said Mack. #
your, , ,
5. He said, %22 Nola, this chair is for (Nola%27s) Playhouse. #
my, , ,
6. Mr. Rey uses (Mr. Rey%27s) tool to make small furniture. #
its, , ,
7. Use the possessive prounoun that can place of the place of the words or words in parentheses. Example: I have seen ( Mack and Nola%27s) new playhouse. (Their)
my, , ,