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Quiz - 4.1 - Emergency_S

You will see two columns. On the left side column, you will find words of Emergency Services written in English. On the right side columns, the words are written in Spanish. You have to choose a word in Spanish and DRAG it to the correct pair on the left side. For instance: Nurse --%3e Enfermera When you finish, click on the %22I have finished%22 button. Good luck!

accidents, ambulance, firefighter, rubble, paramedic, transit police, emergency operator, doctor, shelter, sniff, dog rescuer, fire, food, army, flood, hospital, nurse, police officer, soldier, barks teacher ,

ambulancia english , oficial de policia, olfatear, comida, hospital, refugio, fuego school , bombero, paramédico, enfermera, escombros, perro rescatista, soldado, armada, inundación, ladrar, tránsito, operador/a de emergencias, accidentes activity , doctor/a matching excercise ,