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Week 1 - Verbs

In this activity there are some incomplete sentences. The verb is missing and you have to choose the correct one. You will see a list of verbs below each sentence; choose the best option to complete the sentences by clicking on the box.

1. We ________ on the bus and Thomas telss jokes.
walk, run, look, eat,
2. In the 3D movie we________ like floating
play, eat, like, study,
3. We ________ an experiment with marbles.
taste, do, feel, write,
4. We ________ the visit to the museum.
talk, walk, run, hold,
5. We ________ into a speaker.
see, taste crossword maker , hold, run,
6. We ________ our noses and ________ food.
see, hold, feel, watch,
7. We ________ the piano with our feet.
sing, feel, hold, run,
8. We ________ in strange mirrors.
play, see, like, hold,