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1. How could you do that? They are your #. It%27s time you learned family is the most important thing.
keep my chin up, , ,
2. I can%27t put up with it anymore! I%27ve got to talk to her right now! If I don%27t # I%27ll explode! (use %22it%22)
has her hair in the clouds, , ,
3. He only told me his secret because I told him #.
my lips were sealed, , ,
4. The 14-year-old girl really #. Her parents can%27t afford throwing her the party she expects.
hadn%27t been given a head start, had not been given a head start, , ,
5. Talk to me, #. Talking about your problems will make you feel better.
give me a hand, give us a hand, give you a head, give him a head, give her a head, give them a head., , ,
6. Come on, #! If you don%27t relax you%27ll have a heart attack!
keep an eye on, , crossword maker ,
7. I was doing my best to #, but having to cope with the fact that he had lied to me was too hard.
flesh and blood, , ,
8. I had to buy a simpler present, because the doll I wanted to buy #.
head over heels, , ,
9. I thought I was calm, but right before the lecture I realized that # was inevitable.
get it off my chest, , dynamic quiz ,
10. She was the only employee who had lots of experience, that%27s why she was the only one who could #.
let your hair down, , learning ,
11. The best way to feel relieved is to #, otherwise you%27ll feel there%27re something stuck on your throat.
cry your heart out, , ,
12. I know it%27s not ideal, but I do need my elder daughter to # my other kids. I can%27t afford a nanny.
I am all ears, , quiz ,
13. I feel insecure because I don%27t #. (use %22all of the phrasal verbs%22)
costs an arm and a leg, costed an arm and a leg, , ,
14. Everything she could talk about was Kevin. She is totally # and doesn%27t see who he really is.
getting cond feet, , ,