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US History: Presidents 1980-2008

Match the event or concept to the appropriate President%27s administration when it occurred

Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, William Clinton, George W. Bush,

Challenged USSR%27s moral legitimacy, Challenged Gorbachev to tear down wall, Increased military/ economic pressure on USSR, Advocated Surpeme Court judicial restraint, Advocated transfer of servies to States, Reduced the access to government programs, Reduced government regulation of business, He favored the trickledown economic theory, His %22Revolution%22 ushered in a new era of conservatism, Saw the fall of communism in Eastern Europe, Germany was reunified, USSR collapses into seperate republics, Yugoslavia collapses into ethnic warfare, create online quizzes Persian Gulf War occurs, Operation Desert Storm occurs, NAFTA enacted, Diplomatic relations restored with Vietnam, Sanctions lifted against South Africa, teacher NATO actions against former Yugoslavia, Conutry is attacked on 9/11 at World Trade Center, War on Terror in Afganistan, War on Terror in Iraq, Patriot Act allows police to collect info w/o warrant, Organized coalition of countries to combat terror,