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World Religions (Three Major Religions)

Christianity, Judaism, Islam, ,

Believes Muhammad is the Prophet, school Beliefs based on Five Pillars, One must make a pilgrimage to Mecca, Fast during Ramadan, educational games Diffused along trades between Mecca and Medina, Weak Persian %26 Byzantine empires helped it spread, Battle of Tours stopped its movement into Europe, Expanded across SW Asia, Northern Africa, into Europe, quiz Believe in Allah, Religious text is the Qur%27an, Divided into two sects after death of Ali, Mosiacs are geometric shapes rather than people, Contributions: Algebra; Arabic numerals; medicine, Believe Moses led the people out of slavery, test Sacred Temple of Solomon built in Jerusalem, Major religious text is the Torah, Credited with being one of the first to have monotheism, Ten Commandments: guide to moral/ religious conduct, Spread all over the world in the Diaspora, Jesus is both Son and incarnation of God, Spreads by apostles like Paul, Popular message of life after death, New Testament:contains teachings of Jesus Testament, Religious doctrines created by church councils, web 2.0 Became the official state religion of Rome, Became the source of moral authority in Western Europe, Constantine converted to this religion, Early martyrs inspired others to spread message,