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Belarus Quiz

1. A belt used to be a fetish item in ancient Belarus.
2. The close synonym of the word %22overseas%22 is ...
The sky in Belarus is especially blue., There are numerous lakes and rivers on its territory., The biggest lake in the world is in Belarus.,
3. Why do people call Belarus a blue-eyed country?
felt boots, wellington boots class website , valenki,
4. A person who tries to cheat other people is called ...
native, foreign, neighbouring,
5. Boots, shoes, trainers belong to the category ...
TRUE, FALSE online activities , ,
6. ... are a kind of traditional Russian footwear which is usually worn for walking on dry snow when the weather is frosty.
stunning, fabulous, awful interactive learning , ridiculous,
7. Polessie District is known for ...
a director, scruffy, a trickster,
8. The words %22garment%22 and %22outfit%22 are antonyms.
accessoires, garment, footwear,
9. Belarus id situated in the zone of sufficient moistening.