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OFP - Database Terms Quiz

Please select the correct answer from the choices given.

1. Atmost is also known as what?
less than, equal to interactive , greater than and equal to, greater than,
2. A group of fields related to one topic is called:
entry, record, descending, sort,
3. Method of finding data tha meets certain conditions or criteria is called what:
greater than, less than, equal to , less than and equal to,
4. Sort order that is the opposite of ascending is called:
connector, database, field, at least,
5. Mathematical operator written as %3e is called what?
entry, database, record, search,
6. A category of information in a database is known as:
atmost, at least, equal, sort,
7. Data within a field is called:
greater than, less than or equal to, less than create online tests , at least,
8. Information entered into a spreadsheet in form of characters, numbers, or pictures is called:
search, character, entry, field,
9. Words such as and, or and not that join certain conditions together when performing a search is calle a:
search, equal to, greater than, ascending,
10. A method of sorting data in alphabetical or numerical order is called:
search, sort, entry, field,
11. To arrange data in a particular order is called:
equal to, less than, greater than, less than or equal to,
12. Mathematical connector written as = is called:
connector, entry build your own quiz , record, search,
13. An organized collection of related information is called a:
greater than or equal to, equal to, less than or equal to, greater than,
14. Mathematical operator written as %3c is called what?
datatype, field, data language , search,