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Jacksonian America 3 - Reform and Reformers

Fill in the crossword puzzle by clicking on the clues and then typing the answers. Please complete the activity until earning at least 90%25.

Crossword hints:
practice used in prison to force inmates to reflect upon their deviant behavior, the Second ________________ inspired women to get involved in reform movements, movement intended to encourage wise use of alcohol, discussions of this in the 1840%27s led to an emphasis on sanitation in order to stop the spread of disease, last name of woman who composed Woman%27s Bible , an early version of textbooks which contained repetitious lessons used to teach key aspects of math or reading, region of the country where education reforms were leading to the most progress, full name of New Englander who made presentations to the Massachusetts legislature about humane treatment of the mentally ill, reformers favored the use of these to assist the mentally ill / plural word, form of revenue adopted by states to support elementary schools, major movement which Dix and Stanton joined before their organization of the push for female suffrage, Dorothea Dix and Elizabeth _________________ hosted the first major women%27s rights convention in the nation,

Crossword words: