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Verbs with particles

I messed, I always put my keys, When I have to remember something, I always note, I really liked the place where I grew, I think I need to slow, When I visit a new town, I love to walk, When you don’t succeed, it’s important to carry web 2.0 , I’m looking for a job and have sent, I love talking. I can chat, Yesterday I was working, none 2 improve results , When I was young, I once ran, I didn’t do much last weekend, I just hung, I’ve never climbed, none 1, Counting to ten helps me calm,

down if I get angry., away, and didn’t notice the time until it got dark., up – I have lots of happy memories., around at school. I regret it now., it down, or I’ll forget it., away for hours about anything., down a bit – my life is so busy these days., out my CV to lots of different companies., away from home, but I went back very quickly., around and see the sights., in the same place, so I don’t lose them. e-learning , around at home watching TV., on trying until you do., up a mountain, but I’d like to try., none 1, none 2,