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4 Vocabulary

A baby dog is called a ___., The ___ broke into the house and stole our tv., The farmer is leading a ___ of sheep to a new field., The road was closed because of a bad car ___., This hotel is sixty ___ high., That ___ has written many good books. ESL , We are going to ___ a new house., The ___ fixed the problem with Dad%27s car., John went to the ___ and got a haircut., Mom ___ the pizza into 4 equal pieces., The sponge is ___ with water., Our cat just gave birth to a ___ of kittens., A ___ wiill help you find something in a store., I ___ so loud at the game, I lost my voice., I am learning to play the ___., The ___ blew over many trees in our neighborhood.,

burgler, mechanic, screamed, tornado quiz generator , litter, herd, clerk language , soaked, divided, build, stories, accident, puppy, piano, barber, author,