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Music Vocabulary

First go to the %22Music Lab%22 website in the Assignment. Then use what you learn to do this activity. There is also a PowerPoint on our web page to help you. THIS IS AN EXAM TYPE ACTIVITY. YOU MAY ONLY DO IT ONCE! DO NOT LEAVE THE PAGE WITHOUT COMPLETING THE ACTIVITY OR YOU WILL GET A %220%22 SCORE!

Crossword hints:
This is the lowest sounding note of a chord, This is the pulse of music, Several notes played together at the same time; forms the framework for the melody, Supporting notes for the melody; goes along with melody but is different notes; usually behind the melody, This is a grouping of beats, These notes played one after the other is the tune you remember, The number of beats in a measure, A sound with a particular pitch and length; a tone, Silence of a particular length, This is the speed of the beat,

Crossword words: