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Complete with one of the idioms you%27ve learned with the provious exercises. Pay attention to verb tense / form. Each idiom will appear only once.

1. The smell of this # stew makes it difficult for the kids to wait until everybody is at the table to start eating. Their grandma strew is delicius, they say.
keep a straight face, , class web page ,
2. Even though our team won again, the coach fumed at the players because he expected them to #.
hair-raising, , class page ,
3. All of my friends told me to # what I had seen. However, it was impossible for me to pretend nothing had happened.
turn a blind eye to, , ,
4. It was true that I #, but remembering what the teacher had told me helped me cope with the nervousness.
put my foot in it, , ,
5. When the ice-skater fell, the crowd just couldn%27t #.
win hands down, invite students , ,
6. It was so inappropriate when his girlfriend # what his mom had prepared for lunch... She should have never said the calamari was too rubbery.
all fingers and thumbs, , ,
7. I had never felt so ashamed in my whole life! I really # during the meeting. I just wish I could make it all go away.
pull his leg, , ,
8. I don%27t like to watch # movies because they always make me feel kind of depressed.
up to her neck, , ,
9. People always # because he stutters and sweats when he gets nervous, which makes him feel even worse.
mouth-watering, , ,
10. The waitress, who is #, dropped all of the drinks, slipped and fell down.
heart-rending, mix questions , ,
11. Now that she is in between jobs, she is # in bills.
get my head round, , ,
12. I am down in the dumps... I all need is a #.
turned her nose up at , , learning ,
13. He just won%27t look at my in the eyes and tell me what%27s wrong! I can%27t # it. I%27ve done everything I can to make him talk, but nothing seems to work.
had butterflies in my stomach, , ,