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Cells: Structure %26 Funcution

Match the vocabulary word to its definition.

Eukaryotic Cells, Cell Wall, Cholorplasts, %26 Vacuole, Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum e-learning , Organisms, Lysosomes, Cell online activities , Golgi Apparatus, Cell Wall, Prokayotic Cells, Chromosomes active teaching , Nucleus, Multicellular, DNA, Vacuole, Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum, Mitrochondria, Inference, Choloroplasts, Ribosomes, Plasmids,

Makes large amounts of protein; has ribosomes, Carries out cellular respiration; ATP found, Found in plant cells multiple choice questions , Rigid structure that provides protection %26 support invite students , Breaks down toxic substances; no ribosomes, Stores water %26 nutrients in plants , Controls protein production %26 cell functions, Cature the energy of the sun, Organelles that use enzymes to digest worn-out organelles , Consists of many cells that work together, System of membranes that modifies proteins %26 lipids, Small, ring-shaped pieces of DNA found in prokaryotes, Make proteins that are used throughout the cell, Directs %26 controls most cellular activities, Idea formed by applying evidence and observations, Tightly bundled DNA located in the nucleus, No nucleus or membrane-bound organelles, Smallest unit that can carry out all the functins of life, Consists of one or more cells, Have a distinct control center %26 other cell structures,