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Random BIO :)

Match the definition or description to the correct word.

Water, Ecosystem, Precipitation, Autotroph, Decomposer, Prokaryote, Ecology, Unicellular, Biology tool for teachers , Ocean quiz generator , Multicellular, Shrimp educational games , Eukaryote, Plasma membrane, Cell teaching , Heterotroph,

The study of living organisms, Basic structural, functional, and biological unit of all living organisms , Organism that feeds off of other dead organisms, Crustacean, Universal solvent matching excercise , Another name for consumer, Another name for producer, The study of interactions between organisms and their enviroment, Has no nucleus or membrane bound organelles, Rain, sleet, hail, and snow, Has a nucleus %26 membrane bound organelles, Made of one cell like bacteria, An example of a Marine Biome interactive learning , A bio community of interacting organisms and their physical enviroment, Made of lipids %26 proteins; surrounds the cell, Made of many cells,