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World War II Vocabulary

Battle of the Bulge, Appeasement, Lend Lease Act, Pearl Harbor, A. Phillip Randolph, Anti-Semitism, D-Day, Winston Churhill, Adolph Hitler, Axis Powers, Neutrality Act of 1939, Bracero Program, Executive Order 8802, Totalitarianism, Atlantic Charter, Rationing,

Authorized president to aid any nation vital to U.S. security, Mindset that Jewish people were inferior to other races, Alliance of Germany, Italy, and Japan, Banned discrimination in the war industries, European Allies could buy war materials from US %22Cash %26 Carry%22 , Limited portion or allowance of food or goods, United States military base in Hawaii, Allied invasion of the beaches of Normandy in France, Pledge signed by FDR and Churchill to not acquire new territory, US labor agents recruit thousands of farmers from Mexico , Labor rights leader who planned a march on Washington, Austrian leader of the German Nazi Party, Form of gov%27t where rule is an absolute dictator, Policy of making concessions to an aggressor to avoid war teacher , Allied forces turn back last major German offensive crossword maker , British Prime Minister during World War II,