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Meiosis Vocabulary Review

haploid , somatic cells, Purpose of Meiosis , diploid web 2.0 , meiosis I, meiosis II, male, crossing over , fertilization, gametes, nondisjunction, homologous, zygote, independent assortment language , female, somatic cell online learning games ,

XY, process of joining gametes, separate chromosomes into chromatids , cell with one kind of chromosome, chromosomes fail to completely separate , genetic DIVERSITY!!!! help students assimilate material , body cells, sperm or egg cells, XX, genes for the same traits in same order on chromosomes, separate homologus pairs of chromosomes, chromosomes separate independently of ea. other , when sperm fertilizes the egg , nonsister chromatids exchange genetic info, body cell ( skin, hair, muscle, etc), cell with two of each kind of chromosome,