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Unit 5 - Jacksonian America 4 - Utopian communities

This is a %22drag and drop%22 activity based upon the Utopian communities. Please click on the characteristics, drag them to the appropriate names and then drop them in the boxes. Please complete this activity until earning at least 90%25.

Shakers, New Harmony, Oneida, Brook Farm,

class website created animal traps, one major location in Midwest, school one community still exists in Maine, made profits from furniture production, made silverware or flatware, had locations in North, Midwest and South, help students assimilate material gender groups separated in numerous ways, complex marriage, practiced mutual criticism, save time farming innovators, disbanded soon after disasterous fire, Robert Owen, remained celibate, one location in New England, class web page transcendentalists, quiz generator located only in New York, inspired by Founder Mother Anne, farming plus deep intellectual discussions, led %22polar opposite%22 of Shaker life, started some of the first American kindergartens, free love group, religous dancing inspired common name for group, well known for religious singing, no marriage and restricted gender contact,