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Comparative Adjectives

1. This car runs 200 miles per hour and the other one runs 280MPH so this car is ____
slower, slow, more slow, the slow
2. John is 167 cm tall and Peter is 182 cm so Peter is
shorter, more short, taller, more tall
3. Frank speaks 3 languages and Mary speaks 4 languages so Mary speaks ___ languages
little, few, less, more
4. invite students Katy works at IBM for 10 years and Karl works there for 5 years so Katy works there ____
more long, short, longer, shorter
5. Paulista Ave is ___ than Augusta St
wider, narrower, more large, more narrow
6. Sorocaba is ____ than Araraquara
more far, nearer, distanter, more near
7. Coffee is ___ than tea
more energetic, calmer, energeticer, more calm
8. Rio de Janeiro is ___ than São Paulo
hoter, more hot, hotter, more cold