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Comparative or Superlative

Rewrite each sentence, adding the appropriate ending to the adjective to make it either comparative ( Comparing two or more things with -er ending) or Superlative ( RANKING as the highest or lowest of three or more items with -est ending).

1. Oranges are (sweet)# than grapefruits
faster, fastet, ,
2. Using a printer is (fast) # than writing by hand.
sleepier, sleepiest, ,
3. The science book is the (heavy) # of the texts.
fiercer, fiercest, ,
4. our car is the (fast) # of all
brighter, brightest, Answer_3_(optional),
5. Jill is the (quiet) # student in the room
biger, bigest, ,
6. Elizabeth is (silly) # than Elona
dirtier, dirtiest class web page , ,
7. He was (tall) # than his brother
sillier, silliest, ,
8. old teachers are (crabby) # than new teachers.
heavier, heaviest, ,
9. Our dog is the (fierce) # on our street
crabbier, crabbiest, ,
10. Bob has the ( big) # feet in the classroom.
Sweeter, Sweetest, ,
11. Jenifer is (sleepy) # than Mike
quiter, quitest, ,
12. Then sun is ( bright) # than the moon
faster, fastest, ,