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Match each one of the concepts and definitions.

run an errand , give someone a ride , crowded results , Smog, disadvantage, advantage, drop someone or something off , convenient, conservative, Two vowel rule, jaywalk, How many syllables are there in the word TEACHER, Do laundry , have got , How many syllables are there in the word BANANA ?, Cash a check,

when there are 2 vowel in a syllable, the 1st says its name, dirty air, positive point, full of people, suited to oneĀ“s comfort, To exchange for or convert into ready money, Possess, either in a concrete or an abstract sense, 2, to let someone or something out of a vehicle at a particular place, traditional, to cross a street at a place other than regular; crossing in a he test , to provide transportation for someone, bad thing, To wash dirty clothes in order to wear them again, to take a short trip to do a specific thing; to complete a task matching excercise , 3,