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Modal perfects

Have a look at these situtations and answer the questions!

1. Marti: It was a great film Dani! You should have watched it!
Marti thinks that you did wrong in not watching the film, Marti didn%27t care about you watching the film or not, The film was awful, The situation talks about a past action,
2. Aunt Aurora: That%27s very strange! Grandpa should have arrived to Graus by now.
Aurora expected grandpa to be already in Graus. , Grandpa isn%27t in Graus, Aurora doesn%27t like going to Graus,
3. He didn%27t speak. He might have felt shy in front of such a big audence!
Clearly, everything happens in the future, It is possible that he didn%27t feel shy, The situation talks about a remote possibility in the past,
4. She can%27t have been very happy. She didn%27t smile!
Clearly everything happens in the present, Clearly, the situation happens in the future. , The situation talks about a certainty in the past, based in evidence. ,