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Digestive System

Large Intestine , Liver , Tissue , Example of organs , Large Intestine , Organ , Cells quiz builder , Organ Tissue elearning , Small Intesine, Esophagus , Stomach , Mouth , Mouth, stomach, Gallbladder , Pancreas ,

produces a substances helps breaks down carbs , Churns food into chyme for digestion, Basic Unit of Life , organ that absorbs nutrients to be sent into the blood, the last organ in the Digestive System educational activities , produces a substance the makes it easier to digest fats , Where the saliva starts breaking down food first , contains a very strong acid with an acid of Ph=2 , Grinds and chews up food / 1st step of Disgestive Sys, pipe in throat connecting mouth and stomach , froups of tissues performing a comples function , This organ stores bile , absorbs the water and salt from food , Heart , kidneys , , A group of simliar cells working together , a group of organs working together ,