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Factoring Trinomials with a=1

Find the factors of the trinomials where a=1

x^2 %2b8x %2b15, x^2 -12x %2b27, x^2%2b 6x - 27, x^2 - 6x -27, x^2 %2bx -12, x^2 -9x %2b 18 mix questions , x^2 %2b2x -15 generate answer keys , x^2 -8x %2b15, x^2 -3x - 18, x^2 -2x -15, x^2%2b7x%2b12, x^2 -7x%2b12, x^2 %2b12x %2b27, x^2 -x -12 build your own quiz , x^2 %2b9x %2b 18, x^2 %2b3x - 18,

(x%2b4)(x-3), (x-6)(x%2b3), (x-3)(x-5), (x%2b3)(x-9), (x%2b3)(x-5) generate answer keys , (x-3)(x%2b6), (x%2b3)(x-4) class web page , (x-3)(x-9), (x%2b3)(x%2b9), (x-3)(x%2b9), (x%2b5)(x%2b3), (x-4)(x-3) build your own quiz , (x%2b4)(x%2b3), (x%2b3)(x%2b6), (x%2b5)(x-3), (x-3)(x-6),