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Unit 2 Vocabulary

Find the correct definition that goes with the correct vocabulary word.

Earnings statement, Paycheck, Income help students assimilate material , Pay period, Shift crossword maker , Piece rate, Minimum wage, Overtime, Federal income tax, Deductions, Job Related Expenses, Hourly Wage quiz , FICA- Federal Insurance Contributions Act, Gross pay, Overtime pay online quizzes , Production rate, Net Pay, State Income Tax, Piecework quiz builder ,

a type of job where the worker is paid a fixed rate for each unit produced, the amount of money earned during a pay period before deductions, the amount of time a person works beyond 40 hours in a work week, A form of payment to an employee, expenses deducted from a paycheck that are necessary to perform the job, the length of time for which an employee’s wages are calculated, income deducted from a person’s paycheck by the state government, the number actions completed in a given amount of time, pay for work in a work week at least one and one-half times the regular rate, Money subtracted from gross pay interactive learning , is $7.25 an hour(For 2012), money you earn from a job or get by another source over a period of time online quizzes , the “paycheck stub” listing gross pay and deductions, the amount of money you earn per hour worked active teaching , amount of money left after all the deductions have been taken from the gross pay, a person’s scheduled hours of work, the worker is paid a fixed rate for each item produced, federal tax that funds Social Security and Medicare, The amount required by law for employers to withhold from earned wages,