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Roaring Twenties Vocabulary

Buying on Margin, Scopes Trial, Teapot Dome Scandal, Assembly LIne, %22Ohio Gang%22, Installment Buying, Fundamentalism class page , Charles Linbergh, Harlem Renaissance, Kellogg-Briand Pact e-learning , Speakeasy, Marcus Garvey, Model T create online quizzes , Consumer Revolution, Bootlegger, Flapper, Laissez-Faire Economics, Volstead Act, Quota System,

Comsumer buys product promising to pay later, African American leader - %22Back to Africa%22 movement, Theory that opposes gov%27t interference in economy, American pilot who was first to fly solo across Atlantic Ocean, A system that set limits on how many immigrants enter the U.S., Christian movement emphasizing truth of bible, U.S. navy oil reserve secretly leased to private oil campanies, An arrangement where product is moved from worker to worke, Group of corrupt friends that Harding brought to White House, Cheap and affordable car designed by Henry Ford, Bill passed by Congress to enforce 18th Amendment, Purchasing stock with little $ down and paying it off later to broker, Nations agreed not to pose war against each other, AA art, music, and literature flourish in Harlem, NY, Smugglers of illegal alcohol during Prohibition, Young women in 1920%27s that challenged social traditions, Bars where illegal alcohol were sold and consumed illegally, Time of new affordable goods that were bought by Americans, %22Monkey%22 Trial; issue of teaching evolution in public school,