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Protein Transport--Vesicles

1. Vesicles travel by #
formation, budding, transport, fusion, recovery, , ,
2. In vesicle fusion what tethers and draws vesicle near target
TRUE, FALSE, dynamic quiz ,
3. The term for an immature lysosome with fewer enzymes is #
membrane bending proteins, coat proteins, adaptor proteins, cargo receptors,
4. What is responsible for the acidic environment?
FALSE interactive learning , ,
5. Clathrin coats occur from golgi to the plama membrane and back
Auxilin, , elearning ,
6. During transport vesicles lose their coat proteins
microtubules, motor proteins, , ,
7. In recovery, t SNARES get recucled to the origin
NSF, Ras effectors, Sar 1, Rab effectors,
8. List the 5 steps that occur in vesical transport
FALSE dynamic quiz , ,
9. What all is needed for vesicle formation?
cisternal maturation model, vesicle transport model, , ,
10. What are the two models of movement through the golgi?
, ,
11. What is responsible for the activation to relaease the coat
, ,