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Protein and Enzymes

1. amino acid sequence, alpha helix and beta sheets, folded 3D form, arrangment of subunits
peptide bond, , ,
2. Select the common on/off switchs for enzymes
, ,
3. GAP stands for #
undefined, undefined, undefined, undefined,
5. Put the following in order in terms of levels of protein structure
Lipid rafts , Chaperones, Histones, Scaffold proteins,
6. The type of bond found in the picture above is called a #
surface-surface, coiled-coil, surface-string, , ,
7. A paralog is a protein that is found in the same species
8. A product later in the pathway regluating an eariler step in the pathway is the definition of what?
Calcium concentrations, G-proteins , ubiquitination ,
9. Enzymes catalyze reactions and reduce the activation energy
G activating protein, , ,
10. What are the three types of protein interactions
, ,
11. Which of the following aid in protein assembly
Feedback regualtion , , ,