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Cognitive theorists dominoes

Symbolic representational level (Athey 2nd level), Common schemas, Iconic, Chomksy%27s critical period educational games , Information processing application to practice, 3 memory processes, PIaget application to practice, Conservation , Symbolic , Spiral curriculum, Chomsky, Zone of actual development, Thought (Athey 4th level), Chomsky application to practice, Piaget%27s influence on practice, Vygotsky application to practice elearning , Motor level (Athey 1st level), Enactive, Language Acquisition Device, Bruner application to pracitce, Athey, Schema, Zone of proximal development, Scaffolding, Functional dependency relationship (Athey 3rd level), PIaget, Athey application to practice, Vygotsky, Bruner, Egocentric, Information processingstimulate your students , The process of developing new schemas,

Objects don%27t change size when they change shape, Children link schema to other things, e.g. turning a key, Learning through muscle movement, Scaffolding theorist, Envelopment Transporting, Lang. must be learnt by 10 yrs Or it may not happen / be hard, Provide resouces and activities that prmote common schemas, Supporting understanding through interaction, Encoding Storage Retrieval, Repeated action, way of thinking , Assimilation Equilibrium Disequilibrium Accommodation , Revisit topics again and again to develop clear understanding, Children learn through physical movements, e.g. twirling round online education , Grammar used by staff is correct Reduce noise, Levels of schema theorist, Using visual images and thoughts , Meaningful interactions Refer back to previous exp%27s tool for teachers , Memory theory, Activities planned are stage appropriate, What a child can achieve by themselves, What a child can achieve with the support of others, Zone theorist, Only seeing things from your own perspective, Structure in the brain enabling babies to soak up language , Children give meaning to the schema, e.g. ballet dancer, Language theorist, Stages of cognitive development theorist, Provide a range of materials to learn concepts, e.g. playdough web tool , Use props and puppets Visual timetables Show not just tell, Using symbols such as language and words, Schema linked to objects not there, e.g . washing machine, Provide sensitive questioning and interactions Peer support ,