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Cell Cycle

Interpolar MT, Check Points interactive , Dynein active teaching , Synaptonemal Complex, Kinesin 5, Kinesin 4/10, APC/C, Kinetochore MT, Aurora and Poll-like kinases, S Phase, PreRC activity , SCF computer assisted language learning , NDC 80, Astral MT, Regulators , G(0) Phase improve results ,

grow to midline and interact with MT from opposite pole, links kinetochore and MT at side, Kinases required for spindle formation, link interpolar MT and push apart centrosome, G(1)--%3eS, G(2)--%3eM, Meta--%3eAna, the stage of DNA replication/ synthesis , normal cell life/ function, adds ubiquitin to CKI%27s and Cdks in S phase, ladderlike series of parrallel theads between chromosomes in meiosis, interacts with astral MT, interacts with chromosomes (kinetochore MT), prereplicative complex: cdc 6, ORC, Cdt and inactive helicase prepare quiz , interacti with cell membrane, Anaphase pormoting comlex-- adds ubiquitin tags, interact with chromosomes , Cyclins and Cdk%27s, APC/C, SCF,