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Simple Present / Multiple Choice

Choose the correct option for the Simple Present Tense.

1. Emily _____ to the disco.
was, go, goes, be
2. It often _____ on Sundays.
raining, rains, rain, rained
3. Peter and his sister _____ the family car.
washing, washes, wash, wach
4. I always _____ to the bus stop.
hurries distance learning , hurry, hurried, hurrying
5. I _____ lemonade very much.
liking, likes, like, to like
6. build your own quiz The girls always _______ pop music.
to listen, listen, listen to, listens to
7. Janet never _____ jeans.
wear, wears, to wear, wearing
8. Mr. Smith _____ Spanish and French.
to teach, teaching, teaches, teach
9. You _____ your homework after school.
to do, do, doing, does
10. We _____ a nice garden.
have, has, having, to have
11. She _____ six years old.
has, is, have, are
12. quiz builder Simon _____ two rabbits and five goldfish.
haves, is, has, having
13. I _____ from Vienna, Austria.
am, is, are, to be
14. They _____ Sandy%27s parents.
to be, is, are, am