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Photosynthesis %26 Respiration Vocabulary Dominoes Game

Match up the dominoes with the vocabulary word and description next to each other. Have fun!

Formula for cellular respiration, Formula for photosynthesis, Photosynthesis, Aerobic , Types of anaerobic respiration, chloroplasts, Plant cells distant learning , Cellular respiration results , Glucose, Chlorophyll, Sunlight, Plant and animal cells, Carbon dioxide and water, Glucose (sugar) and oxygen gas, Anaerobic, ATP,

Process by which plants make glucose and oxygen online quizzes , Reactants of photosynthesis (what goes in), Unit of energy used by cells, carbon dioxide %2b water --%3e glucose %2b oxygen, glucose %2b oxygen -%3e carbon dioxide %2b water, can do photosynthesis, Pigments that plants contain that absorb sunlight, Lactic acid and alcoholic fermentation help students assimilate material , Where photosynthesis takes place in plants, can do cellular respiration, Products of photosynthesis (what is made), uses oxygen, Process in which cells obtain energy from the food they eat., the most important energy source in cells, does not use oxygen, source of energy for plants class website ,