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neutron, electric discharge, battery, Conductor, series circuit, closed circuit, rubber, wood, plastic, glass, open circuit, the I in V = I R stands for, resistance, ohms, circuit, grounding , Insulator, ohm%27s law, V = I R, two charges that are the same do this, electric current, parallel circuit, metal like copper, gold, aluminum, negative ion, electron, repel, electric field, ampere, proton, unit of current, positive ion, voltage, a positive and negative charge do this to each other, static charge, ion class website ,

an atom that loses electrons, repel, the measure of the flow of electric charge, or current, device that changes chemical energy into electrical energy, materials in which electrons can move easily through, part of an atom that has no charge; neutral, to move away from, part of an atom that is negatively charged, part of an atom that is positively charged, relationship between voltage, resistance, and current, flow of electric charge; steady flow of electrons, a positively or negatively charged atom, ohm%27s law formula, imbalance of electric charge on an object online , when electric forces exert a force on each other at a distance, amperes (amps), measure of the force that the electrons have going through the wire distance learning , a circuit that has only 1 path for the electricity to flow, current quiz , a measure of how difficult it is for electrons to flow through a material, an atom that gains electrons, the measure of resistance (units), a material that electrons can%27t move easily through, attract, rapid movement of excess charge to another place, conductors, circuit in which electricity can flow (loop is complete), circuit in which electricity can%27t flow (there%27s a break in the loop), insulators, a circuit that has more than 1 path for the electricity to flow ESL , providing a pathway to get rid of excess charge back to the earth, loop in which electric charges flow; contains battery, wire, light bulb,