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Vocabulary matching: gestures and manners

shake hands (v) save time , shrug (v), touch (v), queue (v), wave (v) educational games , sneeze (v) school , kiss (v), catch somebody%27s eye create online quizzes , hug(v), Bang! short answer questions , bow (v), greet (v), laugh (v), interrupt (v), hold hands (v), answer the phone (v),

come in contact with somebody, make a sudden expulsion of air through the nose, take somebody%27s hand in yours, pick up the phone , touch with your lips as a sign of love, Lift your arms in sign of doubt, when something is fun.... class website , move your hand to and fro in greeting online quizzes , Try again!, show agreement , Bend the head or upper part of the body as a sign of respect, call somebody%27s attention, squeeze somebody in your arms, give a polite sign of welcome, stop an action abrubtly, take a position in a line,