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AH II Vocabulary Review

Dawes Act, Dollar Diplomacy, Melting Pot online activities , Laissez-Faire Economics invite students , Battle of Little Big Horn, Homestead Act, Interstate Commerce Act, Meat Inspection Act test , Muckraker, Nativism, Recall, Monopoly, 17th Amendment, 18th Amendment, Yellow Journalism printable , Gilded Age,

U.S. federal law designed to regulate the railroad industry, Society where different nationalities assimilate togethr, Process where voters can remove elected official by vote test , Exclusive control by one company over an entire industry save time , Taft%27s policy of expanding American business abroad, 1876 battle in which the Sioux defeated Custer and U.S. Army, Broke up indian tribal lands and led to American assimilation, Belief that native born Americans are superior to newcomers, Law that gave 160 acres of land to citizens willing to move West, Absence of gov%27t control over private business, Articles based upon exaggeration and inaccurate info, Banned selling, distribution, and manufacturing of alcohol quiz generator , Law requiring federal inspection of meat processing, Direct election of senators by citizens, Writers who uncover/expose misconduct in big business/politics, Term used to describe America during industrialization,