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Four Corners 2B Unit 6

go to the movie theater, listen to classical music, phone a friend, go to LTTC, go to a pizzeria test , do Michel%27s homework , lie on a beach, sleep, buy a bike, take a shower, go on a trip, get a pet, go to KTV, save money, go sightseeing, study hard, join a gym,

to buy an iPhone 12, to improve my English, to see Iron Man 5, to be environmentally friendly quiz generator , to have company at home, to rest my body, to feel sleepy, to have fun with friends, to get clean, to eat pizza, to have a new experience, to practise what we learned in class, to unwindstimulate your students , to get a good grade, to have a nice chat matching excercise , to learn about famous places, to get fit,