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Vocabulary # 9 and Review # 8

Complete until you get 100%25 at least once.

refurbish, lurch, outlandish, jovial, jolt, allure, dumbfounded, incident, rowdy, prospect, primp, pry, suave, putrid, vindicate, isolated,

force it to move or open, noisy and rough and may end up causing trouble, moves you in a sudden abd hard way, rmake something look like it did when it was new, charming, polite, and elegant, but may not be sincere, happy and behave in a cheerful way, so surprised that you don%27t know what to say, separate and off by itself, wierd and unlikely to happen, rotten and smells awful, picky about how you look, the chance that something might happen, usually an unpleasant event, make a sudden, jerky movement forward, proven right when others thought you were wrong, the way something is attractive or exciting,