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(ITF) Review Quiz

1. A _______________consists of hardware, software, data, and users:
Computer, Computer system, telecommunications, Web pages,
2. Eight ________________make one character:
Internet, Mainframe computer, Electronic mail, World Wide Web,
3. Software is a set of instructions that tells the computer how to perform certain tasks.
Apple, IBM, Networked, Protocol,
4. The _________is considered the brains of the computer
5. Monitors and printers are types of:
6. DOS is a multitasking operating system
7. The two basic types of computer software are _______________and______________
8. __________________computers share files, data, and software:
Characters, Bits, Bytes, Codes,
9. The _______________contains the CPU, memory, and basic controllers:
Memory, Motherboard matching excercise , Processor, Expansion slot,
10. A bit has eight bytes.
Program, ALU, CPU, Control Unit,
11. QuesLaser, ink-jet, and dot matrix are types of:
Permanent, Volatile, Nonvolatile, The same as ROM,
12. The computer only understands machine language.
Controller, Peripheral device, Input device help students assimilate material , USB,
13. Because notebook computer are much smaller than microcomputer they are less expensive than microcomputers.
14. Input and output devices perform the same function.
15. The mouse is a pointing device that rolls around on a flat surface and controls the pointer.
Monitors, Printers, Storage Devices, Input Devices,
16. Factors that influence the quality of a monitor are screen size, resolution, and dot pitch.
Input devices, Output devices, Storage devices, Ports,
17. Computer hardware is anything you can touch
Diskettes, Hard drives, CDs, Magnetic disks,
18. Random access memory is:
alphabetic keys, function keys, Esc key, numeric keys,
19. A printer would be considered a(n)_________________.
TRUE, FALSEweb page, ,
20. Another word for software is _______________________.
21. All of the following are sections of the keyboard except:
22. Floppy disks are also called
Hardware, Program, Programming Statement, Interface,
23. The Internet was first developed for government use.
Program, applications, Productivity, applications, Applications, systems, Systems, networking systems,
24. Computers have been part of society for over 100 years.
25. The Internet’s most popular feature is:
TRUE, FALSE educational activities , ,