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World War I Vocabulary

Henry Cabot Lodge, Lusitania, Palmer Raids, Sedition Act, Francis Ferdinand, Red Scare, Schneck vs. U.S., Selective Service Act, U-Boat, Spanish Influenza, Zimmerman Note, Militarism web 2.0 , Espionage Act, Nationalism, Great Migration, Sacco and Vanzetti, Fourteen Points create online tests , League of Nations,

1918 law that made it crime to criticize gov%27t officials or gov%27t, Movement of over 300,000 AA%27s from rural South to North, British ship that was sunk by German U Boat - May 7, 1915, 1920 operation that raided homes of radicals, Strong feeling of pride and devotion to one%27s country, Fought against participationing the League of Nations activity , International organization formed in 1920 to promote peace, 1917 law that set heavy fines and prison terms for antiwar activities, Required all men (21 to 30) to register for U.S. military draft, %22Glorifying%22 military and keeping standing army for war interactive , German submarine, Woodrow WIlson%27s post WWI proposal for peace, Austro Hungarian heir whose assassination was the %22spark%22, Epidemic that caused 20 million Americans to die, German letter convincing Mexico to declare war on U.S. quiz generator , Time period when U.S. gov%27t went after %22reds%22 - communists, Supreme Court case upheld Espionage %26 Sedition Acts, Italian immigrants who were charged with murder,