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Translation web page, RNA, mRNA educational activities , RNA polymerase, DNA Polymerase , Gene, Transcription, Watson and Crick , Codons , Protein Synthesis , Hydrogen Bond, Amino Acid, AGCU, DNA english , Ribosome, Mutation distance learning ,

any change in the DNA sequence , adds nucleotides to the RNA strand , contains the genetic info of the cell, organelle that makes proteins , found between the DNA bases, weak , section of the DNA strand , subunits of proteins , DNA --%3e mRNA leaving nucleus, made of 3 bases , process of making proteins english , the enzyme that adds bases to the DNA Strand , RNA--%3e protein in cytoplasm to ribosom online learning games , carries/transfers an amino acid to the ribosome , four bases found in RNA , developed the double helix model of DNA , 3 types found in nucleus and cytoplasm. Single stranded ,