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KBWP Letter Review Quiz

Please select the correct answer to each question.

1. Which part of the letter is the author%27s address?
Academic report, Business letter, Memorandum results , Table,
2. What is the line spacing used within paragraphs?
word processing, spreadsheet create online tests , database, multimedia presentation,
3. Which part is the body of the letter?
unbound report, personal business letter, memorandum, table,
4. How is the salutation written using open punctuation?
enclosure notation, copy notation, attachment notation teacher , typist initials,
5. Which punctuation style is used when there is not a colon in the saluation or a comma in the complimentary close?
enclosure, copy learning , attachment matching excercise , typist initials,
6. Which part is the complimentary closing?
return address, inside address, salutation, complimentary close,
7. What do you include at the bottom of the letter is a map wer included in the envelope?
Dear Julie, Sincerely, Rebecca Dunworthy assess performance , Enclosures,
8. What is the line spacing used after the complimentary close?
return address, letter address, salutation, complimentary close,
9. How should the top margin be set in a letter?
Dear Julie, Sincerely yours, 123 Baker Street, Enclosure,
10. What part of a personal business comes immediately after the body?
greeting, paragraphs, typist initials, complimentary close,
11. What is the line spacing after the salutation?
Dear Julie, Sincerely, Rebecca Dunworthy, Enclosures,
12. What is the method of formatting when all parts of the letter ar aligned at the left margin?
single, double, triple online activities , quadruple,
13. What is the line spacing between the inside address and the salutation?
single, double, triple, quadruple,
14. The principal is writing a letter to a parent. A copy of this letter is given to the teacher. What should be included on the letter?
single, double, triple, quadruple,
15. What is the line spacing between the body and the complimentary close?
single, double, triple, quadruple,
16. What type of correspondence would be BEST to complain about a restaurant?
open punctuation, mixed punctuation, closed punctuation, block style,
17. Which part is the address of the person receiving the letter?
1%22, 1.5%22, 2%22, 2.5%22,
18. How should the bottom margin be set in a letter?
1%22, 1.5%22, 2%22 learning , 2.5%22,
19. What is the line spacing used between paragraphs?
1%22, 1.5%22, 2%22, 2.5%22,
20. What type of document would be MOST APPROPRIATE to thank a senator for speaking to a class.
block style, open punctuation, mixed punctuation, indented,
21. The business owner hand wrote a letter that was given to his secretary to key using word processing software. What should be included on the letter?
single, double, triple, quadruple,
22. How is the complimentary close written?
single, double, triple, quadruple,
23. What is the line spacing between the author%27s typed name and the enclosure notation?
single, double, triple, quadruple,
24. How should the side margins be set in a letter?
single, double, triple, quadruple,
25. What type of computer program would MOST LIKELY be used to key a letter?
typist initials, inside address, salutation, complimentary closing,