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%22 Motion %22 Vocabulary (Pg. 570 - 581)

energy, motion, formula for momentum, simple machine, decelerate, position, formula for speed, inertia online learning games , momentum, speed language , formula for acceleration, frame of reference, force mix questions , acceleration, work, velocity,

distance divided by time, the ability to perform work or change an object, change in velocity over time, how fast an object%27s position changes over time, the location of an object, a change in position over time, a push or pull on an object, to decrease sped (to go down), mass x velocity, change in speed divided by time, tool that changes the direction, distance, and strength of a force, the use of force to move an object a distance, group of objects from which help you measure position or motion, the mass of an object multiplied by its velocity, the tendency of a object to keep moving or resist a change in motion, measurement that tells both speed and direction mix questions ,