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Spreadsheet (copy)

graph, parenthesis, :, rule 3, pemdas, ∑, address online activities , =sum(first:last), tab key learning , fill color quiz builder , labels, formula, fill right or fill down, net, rule 1, profit, rule 2, merge cells, data, /, * crossword maker , fast way to average a long list, row, =today() online activities , =average(first:last), =min(first:last), cell, fill down or fill right (black cross on bottom right corner of cell), =max(first:last), gross, text wrap, column,

a %22picture%22 of numerical data, symbol for divide, intersection of a row and a column, explain the numbers, use only cell addresses, not the data within the cell, fastest way to fill in copies of data OR numbering, months, days, know the math, first in the order of operations, numbers, order of operations, formula to average a column or row, formatting cells to fill in color, location of the cell; the column followed by the row, way of combining several cells into one online quizzes , %22copying%22 data using small black cross in bottom right corner, formula to identify the smallest number, vertical part of a spreadsheet identified by a letter, overall total, formula to identify the largest number, symbol for multiply, mathematical instruction for spreadsheet to do math, horizontal part of a spreadsheet identified by a number, formula that will insert the current date, format of cells to allow more text without resizing the columns, overall total minus deductions online learning games , begin with = sign, formula to total a column or row, income-cost or expenses, =average (first:last) online quizzes , the automatic sum symbol; fastest way to add, means %22through%22 in a formula distant learning , method of moving to the cell to the right,