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Unit Four - Imperialism Vocabulary

Jose Marti, Dollar Diplomacy, Rough Riders, Spheres of Influence, Treaty of Paris, Roosevelt Corollary, Alfred T. Mahan, Panama Canal, Queen Liliuokalani, Open Door Policy, Big Stick Diplomacy, Yellow Journalism, Boxer Rebellion, Foraker Act, Emilio Aguinaldo, Platt Amendment,

U.S. policy where all nations would openly trade in China, Opposed control of Hawaii by U.S. %26 wanted to keep islands native, Legislation that restricted Cuba%27s rights and U.S. could intervene, Cease fire that ended Spanish American War with conditions, Secret Chinese society who opposed %22foreign devils%22, Filipino leader who fought first against Spain and then U.S., Gave U.S. direct control to set up government in Puerto Rico, Built by U.S. to cut travel time when trading with far East, Make countries dependent on U.S. by investing in their economy, Extension of Monroe Doctrine; U.S. will protect Latin America, Cuban exile who led fight for Cuban rebels independence, Writing that exploits and exaggerates the truth elearning , Volunteer regiment led by TR in Spanish - American War, Symbolized the power and readiness to use military force, Countries that have political/economic control in areas , Author who encouraged a larger navy for imperialism,