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Endocrine 2

estrogen and progesterone (2), Adrenal cortex (!), Somatostatin, Thyroxine, Gonadsweb page, Adrenal medulla , adrenal medulla (1), Pituitary Anteror, Pancreatic polypeptide (2), ACTH, Adrenal cortex, estrogen and progesterone (1) build your own quiz , Posterior Pituitary Hormones , Thyroid Gland location, Parathyroid Ca (1) results , Thyroid Gland Hormones, Pituitary posterior, Pancreas, ADH, MSH, Parathyroid Glands structure, Thymus, Parathyroid Glands Locate, Pituitary Anterior hormones, TSH, Triidothyronine, Adrenal Glands location, adrenal medulla (2), GH, LH , Ovaries , Hypothalamus, Ocytocin, Insulin, Parathyroid Ca (20, Pancreatic polypeptide (1), Adrenal Cortex (2), PRL , FSH, Testosterone action, Testes , Glucagon, Posterior Pituitary, Pineal, Pituitary What %26 where, Parathyroid What,

T4 development of Nervus nad skeletal, Metabolism in adlt, Ovaries and Testes , Antidiuretic Hormone Ocytocin, inhibits secretion of digestive enzymes Pancreas distance learning , chromaffic cells, ANS responsive Epinepherine, Norepinepherine, Inhibits insulin and glucose Negativefeedback Pancreas results , Antidiuretic Hormone Kidney reabsorb H2O, Vasoconstictor, Along with FSH and LH -Mestral maintain gravis, Lactation language , Reduces excretion of Ca from the kidneys, Along with FSH and LH- Promote brst enlarge,2nd female sexcharct, Ca is low in blood, tells Osteoclasts to release Ca, Adrenocorticotrophic Hormone Stress metabolism , Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, regulate glucoseGlucagonInsulin Pancreatic polypeptide, Regulats Ca, Mg, Ph , LuteinizingHormone regulates Progesterone,estrogen,testostero, center (core) layer portion invite students , T4 T3 and Calcitonin- uses Iodine teacher , Increases blood glucose Pancreas, Recieves sensory input and signals Pituitary , hormones called corticosteriods Cortisol, posterior surface of the thyroid gland , Mineralocorticoid Glucorticoids and adrogrens, Secretes ADH and Increas contraction during labor, Does not actually produce hormones (Storage) online quizzes , inhibit somatostatin,gallbladder contraction , Prolactin actation after child birth , right and left lateral lobes, either side of the trachea, GH, PRL, TSH, ACTH, FSH, LH Endorphines- decrease Pain , FollicleStimulating Hormone Sperm and Egg production, Melanocyte Stimulating Horrmone, Scrotum Produce Testerone, sm Muscle of Breast, uterine contraction, Men???, GrowthHormoneRegualtegrowth and repair of muscle bone, “master gland” atttached by infundibulum, Located superior to each kidney , 2 superior glands 2 inferior glands , Regulates thyroid, adrenal, and reproductive gands, stims milk , catecholamines such as epinepherine or adrenaline generate answer keys , outer (superficial) layer portion, Thymosin- T cell production, Homrone related to aging, SecretesMelatoni setting the body’s biological clock , descend testes production of sperm 2nd male sex character, Peovic region Estrogen and Progesterone, T3 development of Nervus nad skeletal, Metabolism in adlt, lowers blood glucose,