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DIgestive Dunlap 2

Common bile create online quizzes , Salivary gland funx, LIver, Pancreas Funx, Pancreas , Liver Funx Continued grading , Liver discription, Cystic duct, DIgestive system , Liver Funx, Bile ducts, Major Salivary glandsweb page, Gallbladder Funx, Digest, Accessory structures , Gallbladder shape and location, Mechanical digesiton, Insulin %26 glucagon invite students , Liver Structure, pancreatic juice, pancreatic secreations, Hepatic duct,

carried bile form gallbladder, Parotid, Submadibular, Sublingual, pancreatic juice,Sodium Bicarbonate to neutralize acid , Pear shape, inferior surface of liver,RUQ abd, Metabolism of Carbs, fats, %26 PRO , carry bile from liver to gallbladder, glucagon and insulin, action preparing food to be mixed with enzymes, Ext horizontally and post, head lies in Cshape of duodenum improve results , Store Glycogen,mineral,vitamins;filters blood;detox; bile, Maintain normal blood sugar levels , union of the hepatic cystic ducts, MT into duodenum, URQ and central regions of abd,just below diaphragm, mix of enzymes to break down food class page , orgnas that promote digestion and absorbsion, Largest gland in the body, Storebile,Concentration of bile,release bile into duodenum, breaking down of food small enough for circulatory syste, 2 lobes: Large rt, smaller lt, Saliva, binds food,inital digest carbs, moistens mouth, Hepatic Cystic Common bile, salivary,gallbladder, liver, pancreas, teeth, tongue ,